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Now normally I am not one to make 'Anti Pairing/Fandom' catered deviations..despite being anti just about everything and having the belief that people are allowed to enjoy whatever 'pairing' or fandom they want, and I didn't..I however did request for an 'Anti' stamp to be made and permission was given for me to post it..just so I can babble and rant in the comments and not waste my journal space.

Rant start in 3...2...1...

For anyone whom is familiar with the kid Icarus franchise, in particular the latest game to be developed kid Icarus: Uprising will know of these two characters, Pit and Lady Palutena the two main characters of the series. Pit being the angelic hero who's duty is to protect and serve his homeworld and Goddess. Then there's Palutena, the Goddess of that homeworld whose duty is to..I guess be some sort of deity..and play the usual role of useless damsel in distress as portrayed by most female characters.


Yes it is true..I do not particularly like Lady Palutena in Uprising..she IN MY OPINION served no purpose other than to bark orders and serve as fanservice bait for lonely fanboys. She is a very boring and typical anime-esque character with no real sort of interesting traits or personality..At first I had always perceived her as a maternal figure who's duty was to act as a REAL Goddess and Mother to all the angels of Skyworld..a mature and intelligent figure whom any young angel could run to for help and advice.

But instead I am greeted in Uprising by...this annoying older sister type whom does not know how to shut the fuck up. She's lazy and does not fit well to being a Goddess..she's an incredibly poor excuse of a warrior and doesn't even seem all that knowledgeable as she claims to be. this is supposed to be the fictional basis of Pallu Athena...THIS...oh my dear Sakurai you seriously need to do your Greek Mythology homework. At least Dark-Pit got the right idea in telling her to shut her fucking mouth and stop barking orders.

However this is not an 'Anti-Palutena' stamp/ end that there and go back on topic.

It seems a lot of fans of Uprising (note I didn't say kid Icarus) are under the impression that this pairing is a legit and canon pairing due to the relationship between Pit and Palutena. YES I will not deny that the two do care for one another..Pit will jump through hurdles and all sorts of shit to ensure the safety of his Goddess.

But whom else did he do that with..WHOM ELSE DID HE SACRIFICE HIMSELF FOR???? Dark Pit, what you can't say he loves him as well, of course no one will it's a gay self-cest pairing.

It is his job and personality..Pit has already proven he is a very loyal, caring and friendly person whom will jump through hell just to ensure the safety of those he cares about. This is automatically taken as OH HE MUST TRULY LOVE LADY PALUTENA, after all she is a female and if the two main characters of a series are male and's automatically TRUE LOVE. No..just no that is not how it works..I hear all sorts of things of "Oh it's obvious Pit has a crush on her", no there are no touch ups on Pit having romantic feelings for Palutena..Don't let your Head-Canons fool you.

But what about that 'Good' ending you get in the first kid Icarus game where Pit grows up and gets a kiss from Palutena..WHAT ABOUT THAT?? And what about it, that ending was placed ONLY in the North American release of the game because Nintendo of America felt that the 'bad' ending was to cruel, so replaced the bad ending with the 'good' ending. As far as 'Canon''s not of any's in no manner touched up on in Uprising. It's the same bullshit with Star Fox: Command (That's a rant for another day). "Good Endings =/= Canon Endings"

As for Lady Palutena herself and how much care she shows for Pit..yes it is shown she does care for him. As for having romantic feelings for the boy..I highly doubt that. As saying she plays the role of a nagging older sister rather than a potential 'suitor' or motherly figure as I was hoping she would play. She isn't mature enough for a romantic bond especially with someone whom is easily disposable at her command. I mean...does she truly TRULY care that much for Pit, this is even touched up on in Uprising on how Pit is in truth nothing but a servant at her dispose.

What if he really did die and Dark-Pit didn't take the time out to restore him? What if that 3yr gap was proven to be nothing..what if he really did die? What would Palutena truly do..perhaps she would mourn...perhaps...but she could easily just make another angel to take his place. Pit#3, I say three because there is already a two. Considering how immature Palutena is, I don't see her grieving or much of anything.

Point being, the two do not share any romantic feelings for one another..yes they are close and do care for one another..even if one's care is one sided, forced and unfair. But two people can be close without being in a romantic bond with one another..what ever happened to just being friends?

Now before any other OH YOU ONLY HATE ON HER AND THE PAIRING BECAUSE YOU ARE A YAOI FAN. No, I in truth don't support any Uprising pairings, not:

Pit/Pittoo (I'm actually neutral about this pairing, I do not fully support it romantically and do prefer their twin brother bond over a romantic one. However I feel Pittoo is truly the only person Pit can really bond with and I have seen some amazing fanart/fanfiction to crawl out of this self-cest pairing which did put me on a 50/50 support scale and I am guilty if pairing the two up in 2 fanfics,. However both are not very romantic and it's more of a forced thing rather than romantic thing..baaah hard to yeh 50/50.)

Do I have to bring up Pit/Hades..I doubt that even also goes for the pairings that do not involve Pit. It's the same way on how I feel about Legend of's a series that doesn't need pairings or fucks everything up and ruins the fun.

Going off topic again..point being I just do not support Pit/Palutena..I have my reasons on why I feel it's a terrible fandom/pairing..I however do not condemn people whom do enjoy the fandom. Remember these are just my stupid opinions and people are allowed to enjoy WHATEVER FANDOM THEY WANT, but I am allowed to not enjoy WHATEVER FANDOM I WANT.

Boy x Girl DOES NOT equal true romance.

Hero x Heroine DOES NOT equal true romance.

End rant~

Do not get mad at me please, I normally do not post 'Anti Fandom' stamps as I stated before, but I just could not help myself on this one. I can go on and on and on and on about pairings..but that's a rant for another day.

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