Nessus, The Hydra Spirit Picture

Here is the hydra spirit, Nessus and the complete hydra from Samael Manson. Nessus's design is suppose to be mix between the Berserk Dead Dragon and the Five God Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh! and the hydra from Greek mythology.

Another note, the purple blades on Nessus's elbows are suppose to be blades and Lorraizar and Nessus are equal in height and width.

Name: Nessus
Age: Eternal
Sex: Male
Species: Demonic spirit

Info: An ancient being of great power and despair, Nessus was a powerful and monstrous being who guarded the tribes of ancient dragon spirits. Many of the dragon ghosts looked to him as a god and worshipped him for his great power, even ghosts such as Aragon and Eclipse show respect for his destructive power. He was also the spirit whom was worshipped by the dragon tribes during birthing ceremonies. However, the hydra spirit's reign over the dragon tribes had came to a bitter and rather unfortunate end when Lorraizar had emerged into the Ghost Zone and unleashed a destructive rampage that the Ghost Zone had never seen before. It was then that Nessus volunteered to be one of the ancients who defeated Lorraizar. Strange as it was, Nessus was strong enough to survive Lorraizar's destructive power, but because their power was equally matched, Nessus had no other choice, but to seal away Lorraizar with the help of the ancient ghosts who defeated him. Before completely dying, Nessus was sealed away inside of an ancient temple to preserve the remains of his soul if he were to ever be needed again. In the year 2013, Vanth Leviathan, a vampire/demon hybrid, attempted to release the spirit of Nessus and claim his power so that Lorraizar and Vanth would have no one to interfere with their plans of gaining complete power. However, Nessus, sensing Lorraizar's presence, rebelled against Vanth, nearly killing him in the process and in pure confusion and rage when he realized that Lorraizar had escaped, Nessus fused with the spirit of a newborn infant with red and purple eyes, but was shocked to find out that his spirit had also changed into an amulet, but it also corrupted the infant's developing dragon spirit, resulting in his newer dragon form becoming infant and adult versions of the Nessus as time went by. Nessus only knows without a doubt that his new host, known as Samael Manson, would have to face Vanth Leviathan and Lorraizar sooner or later.

The three heads are suppose to represent birth, life, and death.

Powers and abilities:

Nessus's power is equal to that of Lorraizar, making him the perfect rival for the demonic snake spirit. Nessus also grants his host dragon like abilities and his body is capable of withstanding even the highest of temperatures. He can also grant his host regenerative abilities and dark magic based abilities as well. His chest armor is actually a hardened, bone structure.

Gazing Terror: Causes multiple eyes to appear on his body and unleash a barrage of blasts, which dissentegrate anything they touch.

Claws Of Hades: Impales his enemies with his claws and rips out the spirits of his enemies and devours them.

Inferno Nightmare: Unleashes a barrage of meteors to fall from the sky.

Berserk Corpse: His bones and skin harden to become a protective shield that not even the most powerful of ghost rays could penetrate.

Hydra terror: Uses his three heads to glare into the eyes of his enemies, killing them instantly and causing them to explode in a horrific manner

Wings Of Fear: Flaps his wings to unleash a destructive dark lightning.

Trinity Nightmare: His most powerful attack, Nessus unleashes a blast of energy from three of his heads which travels at long distances and is even capable of destroying anything it comes in contact with.

The Eternal Zeed: An unstable and destructive form of the hydra spirit, it becomes a more Hellfire like creature and no longer relies on the amulet to maintain his form. Used as a last resort.

Lorraizar and Vanth (mentioned in the description) (c) ~EmberMcLaineRocks
Nessus/Samael's hydra form, Samael Manson, art, and image (c) Alucard Hemlock (me)
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