Capcom Vs. Whatever Fighter - MegaMind Picture

Metro City's Very Own Charismatic-Villain-Turned-Unlikely-Hero has join the ever-growing battle! He may seem frail and weak, but his incredible intellect more than makes up for it!

Special Powers:
* Super-Intelligent and also a Masterful Inventor and Engineer
* Commands an Army of Vicious BrainBots
* Can call upon his cyborg Minion, named Minion, to aide him in Battle
* Wields a wrist-watch that allows him to transform into various different people

Command Normals:
* BrainBot - MegaMind whistles in a single BrainBot to rush in and chomp forward towards his opponent. There is a 1 in 10 chance, however, that The BrainBot will bite MegaMind's hand, damaging him rather than his opponent.

* The Forget-Me-Stick - MegaMind takes out an iron baseball bat covered with black foam that has a skull and crossbones. He smacks it across his opponent very hard, rendering them temporarily dizzy.

Special Attacks:
* The De-Gun - MegaMind whips out a ray gun that has multiple uses, for it can dehydrate, degenerate, and defuse all at the same time! However, this time MegaMind will be trying the latest feature he's added: Decompose! After one shot, moldy bacteria grows on MegaMind's opponent for 3 seconds, doing harsh damage.

* BrainBot Swarm - MegaMind throws a wrench across the screen, causing a massive swarm of BrainBots to chase after it. Incidentally, the wrench MegaMind throws can ALSO do damage.

Hyper Combos:
* Appearance Alteration - MegaMind will turn his wrist-watch, allowing him to transform into one of the following for a short period of time:

MetroMan: MegaMind's Previous Rival and the most common outcome of them all. Can shoot lasers, fly and maintain a fabulous hairdo.

Shrek: Second most likely to happen is Dreamwork's iconic ogre. Uses grotesque mannerisms as attacks, such as rancid flatuences and onion-breathed belches.

Godzilla: The rarest outcome of all is for MegaMind to become The King of The Monsters. Can swing his tail, deliver powerful kicks and breathe the iconic atomic breath.

The MetroCity Warden: An utterly useless transformation, as MegaMind transforms, looks at himself, says, "Welp, this is embarassing...", and turns back to normal. While this outcome happens less than MetroMan and Shrek, it's more possible of encountering than Godzilla...

* "Code: Release The Battle Armor" - what MegaMind will holler into a walkie-talkie, releasing his extremely lethal and deadly Battle Armor, complete with Buzzsaws, Revolver Pistols, Fireworks and other weapons of mass destruction!

Stage Entrances:
* Grey smoke fills the air that follows with maniacal laughter. As the smoke clears, MegaMind is revealed as his points to his oppponent and says, "You DARE challenge MegaMind?!"

* A chair is seen on the field faced backwards. It then faces forward, revealing MegaMind in a sinister seating position. He then stands up, pushing the chair back and says, "...O-lo."

* MegaMind somersaults into the battlefield and says into his opponent, "Alright, Buster-Brown! It's time for YOU to go down in STYLE!", which soon leads into insane laughter.

Genie: MegaMind looks at Genie carefully and then becomes shocked. He then states, "Who ARE you, and why do you somehow look so...devilishly handsome? Are you a ghost? Have you been sent from my future? SPEAK, APPARITION..."

Hades: After Hades' intro statement, MegaMind rolls his head moaning saying, "Why is it that the minute I become the GOOD GUY, I meet the Lord of The Dead himself?!"

Taco-Man: MegaMind looks confused as Taco-Man enters the stage. He then states, "Ummm...MetroMan...Is that you?...Are you going through another one of those...find a new purpose phases?..."

Win Poses:
* MegaMind rises his hand in the air and thrusts it downwards as he turns it into a fist as he yells, "BOO-YAH!"

* MegaMind turns his wrist-watch, and as it turns out, Minion was the one fighting the whole time! As he says, "SURPRISE!", the REAL MegaMind enters and says, "Well Done, Minion, you fantastic fish, you..."

* MegaMind covers himself in his cape and tiptoes off-screen.

Victory Screens:
* "I think you should be thankful I'm no longer a supervillain! Otherwise, I'd be doing HORRIBLE things to you right now, with The Alligators, The Spikes, y'know, basic stuff..."

* "You, my good man, just got SHOE-ALED--erm, I mean SCHOOLED!"

* "It's a shame I didn't get to test out my unused inventions. I mean, Robo-Sheep would've REALLY come in handy here..."

* "WHAT A TURNOUT! All I did was defeat the most powerful man in all of greek mythology, and I didn't even break a sweat!" (Exclusive Against Hades)


* "Stick to Binaray Poetry, Kid! You're no match for the brilliant mind of MegaMind! Now Good Day!" (Exclusive Against Renaldo)

Other Quotes:
* "Destiny Awaits!" (Tag In)
* "Time Out!" (Tag Out)
* "Feel the wrath of MegaMind!" (If first to perform a Delayed Hyper Combo)
* "Face my fury!!" (If second to perform a Delayed Hyper Combo)
* "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!" (Loss if hit with Hard Attack)
* "OW! My Giant Blue Head!" (Loss if hit with a Light Attack)
* "This CANNOT get worse...*Brainbot chomps on his hand* AAAAAAAHHH!!" (Loss via Time Over)

MegaMind (c) Dreamworks Animation
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