Random Camp Half Blood Drawings Picture

Sorry for the bad quality, my scanner broke (again) and all I have is my generation 2 iPad camera. So, all I'm uploading is scrap drawings I've drawn. I'm going to rescan this (or scan them and not take a photo) when I get a new scanner.

I've been reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians to my little sister (because she refuses to read by herself and I really want to reread the series since it's one of favourites(since I've been a mythology buff for years now and the Camp Half Blood series are awesome). And I FINALLY read Mark of Athena, after months and months of waiting to get it and to have the time to read it, I read it! (in less then 24 hours). I also want to practice drawing proportionally (which has never been my strong suit).
The first one (the just head guy) is Percy Jackson. I'm going to redraw him, he doesn't seem Percy enough to me. The other just head is Annabeth Chase, I redrew her (the black and white drawing) because she didn't seem right either.
Then there is Jason Grace and Piper McLean, I thought they would be the best so I could practice bodies.
The third picture is Leo Valdez and Nico di Angelo. When I drew this, I was reading chapter 2 of the Titan's Curse (or maybe it was three) and we didn't know who Bianca's and Nico's godly parent was and my little sister didn't want spoilers. Well, she saw this and she guessed he was the son of Hades rather quickly. ... AND LEO! I LOVE YOU LEO! TE QUIERO! (but who doesn't?).
There Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang. For some reason, Frank is the less interesting character to me even though at points I get overwhelmed with Canadian pride by his story (my smile could not et bigger when Mars showed up in a Canadian military uniform). Hazel is cute and fun and her backstory interest me. Frank's doesn't. I don't know why? And I want soooo much to love him, but I just like him.
There is Thalia Grace! I just had to draw her! (especially since I was read the Titan's Cruse). I hid this picture from my sister, I didn't want a repeat of the Nico thing. So, she got to be (somewhat surprise because she guessed it after Zoé died) when Thalia became a huntress.
And lastly another Annabeth drawing, I drew in mainly the dark while watching Fantasy Island (yes the show from the 70s).
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