Loki Nouvea WIP 1 Picture

(All WIPs will be moved to scraps once the final is posted.)

I don't know how long I've been working on this, to be honest... it's been a while though. Maybe 5 hours at this point?
But I love it so much. I don't think the photograph does it justice. I've still, obviously, got lines to clean up on his clothes and the twisted border. I want to do some research on cloak folds so I can maybe use some reference pictures to make it look a little better.
Not sure yet, but I think the bottom square will be a single color and I might do some sort of flower design thing in the top.
We'll see though, I guess.

Right now just pencil. Sorry the lighting is weird; my bedroom light is whack.

My interpretation of Loki Laufeyson from classic Norse mythology for my novel The Weak Minds of Grand Men and its future sequels.

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