Charon Picture

In Greek mythology, Charon was the ferryman of Hades. He took the newly dead from one side of the river Acheron to the other if they had a coin to pay for the ride. He was also one of the Angel's of Death.

The Charon is Jace's preferred weapon in combat. The weapon has several forms it can transform into.

The first is without the blade. It appears as a staff with a bent bottom when it is first summoned. The bend detaches and is connected to the main body by a seemingly never-ending chain.

The second is the scythe. The blade appears, the bend still detaches and can be used to turn the second form into a giant Kama with Chain.

In the last form the Charon's blade becomes in-line with the pole form a spear/glaive/ir some other polearm. Jace usually trasforms it into this form as he thrusts it at someone.

While the name Charon does not belong to me the weapon does.
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