Persephone and the Limbo Fruit Picture

This is I think the last paintings that I ever did because it took so long and I kept going back to it it and messed it up (originally it looked SOOOOO much better. So I haven't painted anything since this one of Persephone about to eat the seeds of a pomegranate which will bind her to Hades (hell) for half of the year, every year, and only letting her back to the surface world of the living for the other half for the rest of time. (By the way, this story came from a famous Greek myth, don't feel bad if you had NO idea what I was talking about, I just love Greek and Roman mythology, I don't expect anybody to automatically know what I'm talking about when I start going on about one of those stories. Just cause I'm weird doesn't mean every one else has to be! ) lol!
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