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Full Name: Hiyomura Kei
Nationality: Japanese
Age: 18 years
Personality: Kei is predictably unpredictable; in any situation, one can usually expect the unexpected from her. Given that, she is one of the most balanced people you could meet. Her reactions are rarely extreme, and she toes the line between haughty and confident, aloof and quietly amiable. Her level of self-control is mystifying for some, something to be envied for others.

A self-driven person, Kei's approach to Beyblading mirrors her approach to life - silently passionate. At times, she can be likened to a member of the Blitzkrieg Boys, which isn't surprising, given her background; her desire to dominate and crush her opponent is a potent drive, one she strives to keep under control - and one that is hard to counter.

At the close of the last tournament, Kei felt she'd performed at less than her level best, due in no small part to having to divide her concentration between her last match and controlling her darker self. She has since taken steps to ensure this other side of her is kept under control, even when Akayu is allowed to make full use of her abilities. Only time will tell if her somewhat extreme measures are as effective as she'd judged them to be.

Likes: Music; art; books; martial arts; the colors black, red, purple, blue and white
Dislikes: Too much noise; making mistakes; misplacing things

Team: Kei has been on several teams throughout her life as a blader. She currently belongs to two teams. The first one, Schwarze Kreuz, had opted to stay out of tournaments for an indefinite period of time. The fox blader's second team, called R-Evolution, was formed before the start of the previous tournament and comprised of her, Tari Hiwatari and Seiran Kon. Now she bands once more with the Chinese blader, while Tari's older brother Ryo and newcomer Sabrina Wilson make up the other half of the team. For now, it seems they've settled on calling their team "Hellstorm"

Bio: A former trainee at Balkov Abbey who had to go into hiding due to what she and her brother had to do for their father to be allowed to leave, Kei has only recently stepped into the world of tournament Beyblading. For the past three years, she had signed up for every tournament she gets word of, hoping to hone her skills and eventually prove among the best - a lifelong dream of hers ever since she started training at the Abbey. Whether or not the surroundings of her early days as a Beyblader had any bearing on her approach to the sport is still being debated.

An upsetting loss, close to the finals in the first tournament she joined caused her to question her ability as a Beyblader and set her on a journey back to her roots, where she ran into her old mentor. It isn't really clear what happened while she was in Moscow, but when she returned, it seemed that she did gain something from the experience - her bitbeast Akayu seemed more powerful and less cautious about using the power she has had from the outset. Power Kei had sought to restrain, in order to prevent herself from causing extensive damage to her surroundings and her opponents.

Such a struggle to control herself eventually took its toll on the fox blader, and eventually another loss caused her to once more go AWOL; her younger twin Katou and their friends Sei, Kazuki, and Mai tracked her route to Kyoto and the main shrine of the deity Inari who, in Japanese mythology, was said to have ties with fox spirits. It was here that Kei's path as a blader hit a major turning point. Confronted with the choice of giving herself completely over to her bit beast, or seal her away, Kei chose the former rather than lose her bit beast. This action had unexpected effects: having full control and an intimate understanding of her partner's wishes, Akayu could rampage as much as she liked, without damaging anything or hurting anyone Kei does not wish to. In order to maintain her bit beast's power levels, Kei can generate flames for the fox spirit to use as energy or nourishment, once the bit beast is released.

This 'ultimate bond' does not come without a price, as Kei discovered during the inevitable four-against-one battle on the shrine grounds. Unaccustomed as she is to generating flames and changing their 'nature' - to burn flesh, spirit, or to serve as the basis for illusions - doing so drains her considerably. She holds out, however, that such an effect is only temporary, that with constant training and use of such an ability, she will eventually become used to doing so and thus, will not end up as tired.

Beyblade Type: Kei's blade, Gogyou, is a combination type that focuses on endurance and attack. It's earliest form was actually the prototype for the Black Dranzer blade, hence the similarity in design, abilities, and stats - although Kei herself doesn't know this.

After the previous tournament, Kei also set about redesigning her Beyblade, further tweaking her original design based off it's first form, with the final result becoming the Gogyou MS III (Metal Scytha, HMS series). The circular body still remains, but she changed the attack wings to streamline them further, relying more now on aerodynamics and the subsequent boost in speed to compensate for the slight decrease in offensive power. the same streamlining enables it to steal spin from the opponent as well, adding to its stamina.

The blade base still contains ball bearings to stabilize it without sacrificing maneuverability while adding to defensive capabilities. To further stabilize the blade, the base was also widened somewhat, and fitted with a mode-change axis, enabling it to adapt to any change in situation. In attack mode, the axis is flat, allowing it to charge down slopes, zoom around the dish, and still maintain stability in a collision. In endurance mode, the tip is wide and sharp, decreasing energy loss to a minimum due to the smaller surface area in contact with the stadium.

Bit beast: Akayu, a fire-red fox with piercing sapphire eyes and power over flames. Her tail resembles a flame, and her golden chest plate fans out and back into wing-like shapes that, at the same time, look like stylized flames. Her headdress has silver edging, and there are red accents on it as well a deep red gem. She also has silver gauntlets on her fore and hind legs. Since that night in Kyoto, on the Inari shrine grounds, her armor has since taken on a gradiated appearance, moving from black to red to gold, and her blue eyes have become darker.

Flare Blitz - Often used as a follow-up to her Foxfire technique, Akayu creates a large flame tornado in addition to illusionary copies of herself and the Gogyou Beyblade, all of which are able to attack the opponent, trapping him/her in one place so Akayu can land the final blow.
Inferno Rage - Akayu's strongest attack yet, flames surround the blade, blader, and the bitbeast, and Gogyou picks up speed as it zooms around the dish. Essentially a powered-up version of Blazing Fury, Gogyou is visible only long enough to ram into the opponent before disappearing and circling the dish again. Because of the velocity and power behind this, one hit is often enough, as it causes a large explosion upon impact.
Hellfire Burst - Akayu fairly mauls the other bitbeast. Meanwhile, a flaming vortex forms, the center being the hottest, and Gogyou forces the opposing blade into the vortex. When given the command, Akayu holds her opponent down and breathes a stream of fire onto them, while the blade is shot out of the central white-hot flames and out of the dish.
Hades Sphere - Akayu creates a single illusory copy of herself to distract her opponent, and uses dying flames to conceal herself while she makes her way behind. A sphere of black flames engulfs the original, copy, and opponent. Kei doesn't know what happens within the sphere, just that it's enough to drain a bit beast of energy and cause the opponent's blade to cease spinning. She uses this only as a last resort, as attempting the attack during a training session with her twin resulted in her blacking out for a few moments.

Magma Wall - a basic defensive move, Gogyou is in endurance mode and simply allows the opposing blade to push it back, conserving spin and power. Can also be used as a springboard for aerial attacks such as Ignea Strata
Foxfire - Gogyou speeds up, and Akayu creates illusions of herself and the blade, lessening the chances that the opponent's attacks will connect.
Flame Counter - Kei's blade changes direction to circle the dish in the opposite direction of her opponent's blade, moving faster on each consecutive circuit and thus building power back up while lessening any damage taken from colliding with the opponent.

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