Athena chan Picture

I realzied I didn't have a pic of Athena up, more or less a color thing of her done, so here she is!!!
She's from my series Godz Today and is the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. In mythology, she swore to be a virgin forever, but in the comic she revoked that after she met the Egpytian god of wisdom, Thoth (One of the main characters) So, she's always trying to flirt with him and dreams about being his girlfriend, sometimes his wife. She's also vain. Veerrry vain. But she loves her several siblings and friends (She's buddies with pretty much everyone except Hades cuz nobody likes him, even her.) and will do anything for them, being the oldest of them all.
Athena is a lotta fun to draw. She's very expressive and her hair is franken awesome! Losta fun to color in!
That's it for miss Athena. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Oh, and this was drawn and colored on Microsoft Paint!

NekoMimi Studios/ Maddie chan

Godz Today and alllll its divine characters belong to ME!! No touchy!!! >.<
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