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I suck at drawing Males.

And if I seriously need to put in a Mature Tag cuz there's one little naked view, oh mah gawd. :U Ugh.
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Ok ok. I have a problem. I know. I'm constantly updating references. But I can't help it! I always find something new to change and update! Q-Q;

Anyways. This is like... super big and long. That's what she said. *shot* But it's actually to my liking... XD I may go back and color it all in. So you guys can get a better look. But I have all the colors listed out, and I have a crap load of pics in my Gallery, so you can just easily see where it all goes in. :U And I wanted to have both mine and Eric's reference on the same sheet. It's just easier... XD (And I can also describe "us" too so people get a better idea how we are. c: )

Part 1: Sabrina

Theme Songs: Just the Way I Am - Skye Sweetnam, Misfit - Lesley Roy
Name: Sabrina
Nicknames: Sco, ScoSco, Brina, Bina.
Age: 19
Birthday: September 27th 1993
Religion: Agnostic.
Height: 5'10"-5'11"
Weight: 190-200 lbs. (Weight goes up and down but stays between a 10-pound range).
Body Type: Chubby/Curvy/Tall
Signs: Libra and Year of the Rooster
Seme/Uke: Clueless Uke & Opportunist Seme
Catchphrases or Quotes: “Be who you are and say how you, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” “Everything happens for a reason. Even when something is going wrong, it always has a good outcome.”
Ethnicity: Hispanic, Native American, Irish, Scottish, German, Romanian, Gypsie
Animal Symbol: Orange Siberian Tiger
Breast Size: 36 H
Blood Type: B+
Eye Color: Dark Golden Hazel. Left Eye is a Dark Golden Green Hazel with Dark Brown Flecks. Right Eye is a Dark Golden Brown Hazel with Darker Brown Flecks.
Hair: Really short hair, can be straightened, can not be. Usually has bangs right above eyes or covering part of right eye. Dark Brown Hair.
Status: Taken forever by =Avatar-Shugo-Kyo
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