Treading On Dawn Picture

I LOVE Lapras! He's (She's?) one of my favorite Pokemon I've ever had! Using him, I washed away the Elite Four in Yellow Version. My Lapras back then never had a nickname. My new one I recently got in my White Version is a male, and I named him Charon.

In Greek mythology, Charon was a servant of Hades, and his job was to ferry people across the river Styx. I thought this would be fitting, because the underworld in Greek mythology always made me think of a cold place; just because I imagine it in the inter-crossing for heaven and hell to be a cooler cavern that drips icy water and acid from the ceiling. It's Hades, his minions, and Cerberus that I picture as fiery molten creatures. Plus, Lapras is the FERRY Pokemon. It loves carrying people and Pokemon across water. Not to mention that Lapras can deal out some serious damage. They're powerful! You don't even notice, until you fight one!

I also decided to make a portrait using my paint-ish brushes in my Photoshop.

Lapras(c)Game Freak or whoever owns Pokemon. They aren't me.
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