SOL Orpheus Picture

Ship Of the Line

The Orpheus is the flagship
of the first fleet, [link]
It is equiped with:

· 8 dual PAC (Particle Accelerator Cannon) turrets,
· 5 torpedo tubes,
· 1 heavy missile turret (18 missiles)
· 1 Heavy PAC

This collage is a new teqnuqie I
used to display the model,
I was tired of making like 3 deviations
for one thing.
I may re-submit some of my other
sketchup models in this format.


Orpheus was a character in greek
He was a king, who was an amazing musician.
His wife died, and he rescued her from
Hades by pacifying the demons with his music.
He was told she would not be free if he looked
bak to see if she was following. He did.
What a moron.

Anyway, the point is he fought his way
into the underworld and back.

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