Up High Picture

(gah, titles....)
Percy Jackson is one of the series(es?) that I've kind of grown up with. The Last Olympian came out a little after I started reading it and I sort of geeked out over Greek mythology ever since. I followed all the books after it each year that they came out. Given that I've just finished House of Hades and had art block, this seemed like a good idea.
((Also, if you go to the PJ tag on tumblr, be prepared for all the Nico and one sided Percico feels to hit you like a wave in a thunderstorm.))
(((Note to self, watch the weather next time you go to the beach...>.>)))
Anyways, enough about stupid things I've done, roll the credits.
Nico di Angelo, Percy Jackson (c) Rick Riordan, the king of trolls
Art (c) me
((((Forgot to mention, proportions are off entirely.....sorry, just a rough day I guess.))))
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