Aita Picture

I took a manga class at the library on Monday and we were going over porptions of the head, so I drew Aita from Divine Destiny!!!
This is my first sketch on here. Wowzas. Normally I only put up finals, but I loved how this turned out! Of course, my scanner hates me (As does everyhting else) and as much as I try, it won't scan well. This is what ya'll get.
Hmm... Well. Here's Aita. From my series Divine Destiny. He's not wearing his face-nija mask thing or his Helmet of Darkness, a telltale sign he's Hades reincarnation. I don't know why he has the ninja mask. I thinks it's because he's allergic to everything. But above that, it looks cool and just completed his look. Yaaay!!!
And that's it for this. If ya'll like it, I'll put more sketches up!!

NekoMimi Studios/Maddie chan
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