in the arms of the wind Picture

did you know i love art nouveau? it's one of my favorite styles. i decided to try my hand at it after watching an episode of rick steve's europe- prague, czech republic. it had a small feature on alphonse mucha, a father of the art nouveau movement.
this is my attempt at art nouveau. it lacks the characteristic framing/border, but i was really more concerned with the linework. it's not quite right stylistically, but i still love how this came out. i know- it's colored pencil, and it should be watercolor. but i don't have the time or materials for that, unfortunately. i should add a background and border, but i'm too lazy for that at the moment.

i didn't realize how much she resembles ariel in this until halfway through the coloring. i didn't really want to change my color scheme so i just threw in a bit of pink and orange. it turned out quite nice. sort of shimmery and magical-looking.

i also didn't realize something about the flowers until i started coloring them. the blue ones are called crown anemones, and come in red, white, and a purplish blue. they're also known as greek windflowers- a translation of anemone. there's some mythology involved in that, but let's move on to the purple/gold ones. those are crocuses- the flower that hades used as a lure to kidnap persephone. and if you've read my story- kayden sees air and earth as competing forces, life and death. and somehow, unintentionally, i ended up including both.

kayden finch (c) blankfaceisclaimed
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