Meg Picture

"Megara. My friends call me Meg, at least they would if I had any friends."

Meg is super hard to draw! I thought she'd be easy but I was soooooo so wrong. So wrong. So very very wrong. I think you get the point of how wrong I was! Anyways, this is Meg from Hercules! I hate her left eye, just don't look at it. I was going to fix it but then I got all paranoid and like "omg if I erase the eye and redo it, it might get all weird!" so just pretend it's normal.. Anywho, since I'm in a production of Hercules and the cast consists more of just Hades (me!) my friend Natalie, who plays Meg, wanted me to draw Meg on her script folder. So this was like a practice sketch. Good news too, she loved the pic of Meg I drew on her folder! Even though I like this one of Meg better....
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