Aita Olympus Picture

The last to appear in the series of the three brothers; Aita!!! *He still comes in, like, the 4th chapter or something.*
Aita is the reincarnation of Hades, and no, he is not evil!! Instead, he's the polar opposite of his younger brothers; peaceful, logical, and totally emotionless. Unless something really gets to him. Like cats. He's deathly afraid of cats. Anyhoo, he's the one breaking Umi and Rei when they fight... which is always... and, although he doesn't talk much, he's typically the voice of reason. Before the story starts, Aita has already run away from Cronus *The facility he and Umi were put in* and has been living in a forest for five years. Despite this, he's very sopshisticated and civilized. Aita is sooo my favorite of the three. I like my Hades characters!!!!
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NekoMimi Studios/ Maddie chan
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