Old Art Llhew of the Void Picture

From a fanfiction I newer wrote but plotted back in time.

Until I realize it never work, Cthulu Mytos versus Greek Mythos in the Saint Seya context was, well...... not fitting very much. hahah.

The leader it gonna be this dude, Llhew; who give his eyes to the void and become a Stoa himself; a gate to the Exterior where the Old Ones was exiled.

The final boss was Typhon, a underrated character; in Greek mythology Typhon, son of Gea, was so powerful and mounstrous even the Gods run away from him, only the combined effort of Gods and Heracles take him down, still he lies dreaming and prisioner under the volcano Saint Elena.

It gonna rock, but not xD

Also, previous to the distribution of Hades chapters on the west.
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