Ethan M. Hellion - Redone WWP Picture

Name: Ethan Mill Hellion
Age: 18
Year: 12th year; Senior
Species: Hell Hound
Defining Features: 6'0". And his most defining feature would have to be his eyes; a burning crimson red at all times, seemingly glowing, no matter day or not. He also has his wolf ears-which have earrings in them at all times- and tail out constantly. (He can't hide them in his human form and they're also black, like his hair color.) The only time he doesn’t have his headphones on is while he's sleeping, but whether music is playing from them or not, depends on if he wants to listen. He'd also would never be caught dead without a cigarette in his mouth (lit or not), his collar, his wrist bands, and his pentagram necklace.
Style: Laid back punk/goth. He normally has on black jeans, a regular black anarchy shirt, his black gelly wristbands, black boots, loads of earrings in his wolf ears, and his black arm cuffs are on all the time, including in Hound form.
Other than that, he isn’t too big on fashion. He just likes black and red, but wants to keep it casual and easy to reproduce.
Hobbies/Interests: Even though Ethan is like a chain smoker, he enjoys running, and being a hell hound, he has no problem running. No human coughing fits or problems breathing. Running is his only hobby that people know about, considering he's been on the track team before, and signs up every year.
His personal hobbies, which he keeps to himself, are painting, playing the violin and guitar, and spending time with his secret pet; Sei, which is just a normal little yellow parakeet he keeps at his apartment.
He's interested in becoming a world famous painter, and is taking lots of art classes out side of school for it, not to mention painting is also in the family, so he's already got some talent. Other things he likes, sadly, is fetch and chasing a lazar pointer. It's the 'dog' in him.
Back story: Ethan's story is relatively simple. He was born in Baltimore, Ireland and he moved around a bit after the age of ten with his father after his parents got divorced. He spent most of his life in Ireland and London, England.
After being enrolled into Worm Wood, Ethan continued his love for painting, though outside school walls. As a child in elementary school Ethan was teased for having 'deformities' (his growing in ears and tail) and so he has a hard time really trusting people around him, so the friends he does have, he keeps very close.
It was only recently that Ethan was able to gain a friend who wasn’t a relative; Pierrette. Pierrette (who belongs to
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