Earth Element: Hamadryad Picture

Anyone familiar with Greek mythology will know that plant (namely tree) nymphs are called Dryads. Hamadryads differed from the rest in that they could not exist without their tree. If the tree was harmed, they were affected. If the tree was chopped down, they died in turn, hence why the Gods reserved terrible punishments for anyone who harmed trees or plants.

This particular hamadryad is an OC for an RP. Her name is Phyllis and she is a Cypress hamadryad. She's one of the few individuals who shares a close bond with Hades, not just as an object associated with the god (cypress trees are associated with mourning) but as a close friend as well. Currently, she resides in the island where Persephone and Demeter live, having been replanted by Hades there long before mother and daughter went to live in said island.
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