Persefone (Persephone) Picture

This is the drawing of the greek goddess Persephone that a friend of mine use in her fanfic "El Viaje de las Almas", in wich she's in love with Seiya (Stephanos) since the era of myth. She also knows that her beloved is also in love with Athena (Saori) and she's going to do everything to keep him with her in the Hades.

This fanfic is obviously in spanish, and is the classic post Hades story, but it's really a good one, she not only involves Seiya, Saori and Persephone, but also all the saints.

Anyways, we can take this drawing as the young Persephone, I'm gonna try to draw her more... WOMAN as my friend asked me to do it xD.

-Drawing and coloring: Me.
-Desing: Fuego VS
-Character: Mythology -whoever wrote about her xD-
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