Supreme ref Picture

update: put this on his site. also edited his weight, since he weighs a lot more than that.

holy shit my hand hurts.
still, it was worth it. this is the first, OR one of the first drawings digitally that I've actually COMPLETED instead of giving up.
given I didn't do the basic lines, but the shading, colors, and edits I did are ALL mine.
this is a ref of my first and so far only feral character, Supreme.
He's a wolfish Warg (those creatures from LOTR). He has acidic drool, and he's a bit more big and muscular than this, with longer ears, but shit this is awesome.

A few fun facts on him:
-His fangs and claws are NOT white, but a sickly stained dark yellow.
-He smiles 99% of the time, and its very wide and evil looking.
-Supreme's drool is toxic and burns on contact, and poisons when injected, causing a wide array of symptoms, including hallucinations, weakness, extreme pain, decay, paralysis, and, in high doses, death. It does NOT affect him, though.
-His mane is just elongated parts of his fur, but oddly sharp and spiked, able to cut on touch.
-Has a long tongue (not forked), but rarely ever shows it, as it is pretty much the only sensitive area of his body, besides his eyes and nose.
-Supreme has a hyena's laugh, a lion's growl, a wolf's howl, and a snake's hiss.
-He weighs 1420 lbs (644.101 kg), and is around 6 ft at the shoulder. (Yes, he is HUGE!)
-His jaws can crush bone, and his claws can engrave into metal.
-The warg is not immortal, but capable of surviving hundreds of years. In several old texts, he is regarded as the wolf of Norse mythology, Fenrir's, rival, and also Cerberus', who is the dog of Hades in Greek mythology. He is also stated to have the ability to best any creature in combat.
-Contrary to popular belief, despite Supreme being feral, he is quite intelligent. He is able to plan his moves, discover weak points, and even talk.
-His mouth is constantly filled with acidic drool, and it is always dripping from his mouth, even in his sleep.

I like pixeling even more now. the smooth shading was never really my kind of thing.
expect a few more pics of Supreme now.

Lines © ~extorpid
Shading, character, etc © =Saisashi
Do not steal.
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