Last Isht for now I swear Picture

I don't need to explain this again, unless this the first one you see. ...Wait, it would be if you stumble upon this page. Okay, it's my Herc fandom character Ishtar.

Hey, I might as well write a bit more... she's mainly in Babylon, but Egypt's good for her too. She's partly based on myself. She is a goddess of war and love; and she's so unbelievably popular up in Babylon, that, as much as she loves it there, she sometimes comes down to Egypt to crash there with the Ennead (the mean Egyptian deities). She meets Hades there and they kinda click. (If you are not familiar with the Disney's Hercules fandom, great- but if you are, I KNOW IT'S ANOTHER HADES LADY! ... C'mon, another won't hurt.
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