Abandon All Hope Picture

I couldn't find a mythological section under drawings...

Anyways, I decided to do s'more drawing. This is Hades, in his domain. And then there's demon me in the background... demon me has glowing arm-embers, because I actually have red blotches on my biceps, that melt into the tan on my forearms... I'm doing a pic of demon me too...

And those are hellbirds attacking me, no reason, really.

Hades drinks tea, because it's calming and gives him caffeine... think of all the shit he has to deal with. If I were him, I'd just hang in the Elysion Fields all day and play fetch with Cerberus... with damned souls.


Wasn't sure how I wanted to draw Styx, but I did it without hands and stuff and people ridin' the waves, surf-style. Hah.

Also, Hades is wearing overalls.
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