MEME-My anime Harem Picture

Lol I did this just for Pure fun and I wish to see you all do it X3!

From Top right to left

Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho) - He was the first anime character I loved XD I love how sweet and caring he was and I loved his hair!

Hades ( Saint Seiya ) - I always loved Hades in mythology so seeing him in this anime was a giant plus! Loved his armor to!

Nekozawa ( Ouran High school Host Club) - His gothic love speech was so sweet! I love the black magic club and his fear of the light is so loveable!

Undertaker ( Kuroshitsuji ) - I love this creepy grave digger his dark sense of humor his love of laughing and his very unique way of looking a things make him a perfect 10!

Hatori ( Fruits Basket ) - OMG his past was so sad and I just wanted to hug him from day one! His kindness and love is overwhelming and he deserves someone wonderful ** I volunteer myself T.T **

Minos ( Saint Seiya) - he pulls my heart strings XD I love his ability with puppets and how loyal he was to Hades. He seems so intelligent and he is so handsome!

Rufus ( Pandora Hearts ) - I love this overgrown book worm. I am personally a lot like him so I understand the character a lot. Like him I love getting answers to all questions and knowing everything.

Ukitake ( Bleach ) - He was recently shown to me by my friend Phyrra. I love his gentle smile and love of bonsais and koi XD I wish I could just sit and have sake with him. I also sympathize with him being sick all the time.


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