Looking in the Throne Room Picture

After a drawing of Persephone, Hades seemed like a good art project. I'm pretty proud of this one, although I'm still not sure about the hand of whomever is pulling back the thin curtain in the front.
My version of Hades is... Quite different from other versions I've seen, mainly the Disney version. I tried to give him an ashy pallor, which seems like it would be associated with death, and if I had a colored picture of him by Persephone, they would contrast each other a lot. Persephone is bright with flowers, and Hades is dull with dark colors. I think it's a good contrast, as the ruler of the underworld and his wife... whom he kidnapped.
I continued with a red theme for the underworld in this picture, because, as I've said before, I consider it to be close to the "heart" of the world. I think that that is all the main points of this picture.... It was fun to draw, so I'm glad it's done.
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