The Underworld,as Drawn by Felix Picture

Felix wanted to draw what his home is like, but he couldn't include a whole lot of it! Maybe another time, dear.

In the bottom left, you've got Charon, accompanying two souls across the river. one is clearly female, based on the bow.

Next to that, you can see Tartarus, and a little bit of Cronus.

Still on the left, you can see Hades, Persephone, and Cerberus, not doing much of anything.

To the right, you can see a castle (even though he doesn't live in a medieval castle, since they're, Y'know, Greek gods. whatever floats your boat, Felix.), presumably to represent their home.

And above, you can see a whole lot of the bottom of the ground.

A lot was left out, including the rest of his family and the other realms of the underworld, but I'm sure he'll draw us a full map someday.
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