People Do Crazy Things.... Picture

When They're in Love.

I swear that is my favorite line from the movie X3.

Here we are at the last day, Fairytale Thursday. From the minute I read the the theme I knew I was gonna be doing Hercules. Some may say this isn't a fairytale but to me fairytale are the stories of the cultures and Roman mythology falls under that for sure, also Disney did it and that automatically makes it useable for a fairytale ^_^.

Also come on Hercules story fits perfectly for Clark even Meg's role is extremely perfect for Brainy Hades would totally be Brainiac, I have spent a lot of time thinking about this guys @[email protected] lol.

I am quite proud of myself on how this came out. I was actually able to make Clark look buffer than usual, yay me ^_^, I really like the outfit I gave Brainy too and how I was able to give the background the Hercules art style feel.

This year was once again a big success ^_^. Not only did we have a lot of awesome entry's from all of you guys but I think this year has really shown how I have improved thanks to all my work at school. I can't wait to see what we have for next year XD! HAPPY CLARK/BRAINY WEEK EVERYBODY!!!!

I do not own Clark or Brainy DC does and I do not own Hercules Disney does.
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