DIRTY WORK teaser PG4 Picture

Religious prophecies are coming true, mythological and Biblical beings are appearing on Earth and the “End of Days” is upon modern civilization as we know it. The U.S. is well aware of the impending doom so they gather military miscreants, criminals scheduled for execution who are given a second chance.

Armed with the latest high-tech weaponry, enhanced genetics and no morale code or restrictions to accomplish their missions. They are America’s first and last line of defense although highly expendable. If they fail in their missions the world will cease to exist!

These are the agents of Projekt: HADES.
Doing America’s dirty work, one job at a time.

These are the first few pages of Adversary Comix' next endeavor: DIRTY WORK

Quite possibly one of the most controversial comics to come out of our stable, coming later this year!

Pencils by Fabian Cobos
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