I'm a Demigod Picture

Ok a friend of mine went and made herself a “Percy Jackson” version of herself and I thought that was really neat. So I read up a bit on PJ and actually it sounds like a good book series. So I wanted to make me in that context too! Unfortunately there was already a Hades kid so a little more research gave me a better alternate solution: the demonic-like god/personification of death, Thanatos.

So thus Katty here was created. She’s the daughter of Thanatos, and as such she has the ability to see those about to die. See, she’s color blind, but those about to die she can see in color. Seeing that though, and looking for clues to how it’ll happen she can in theory stop them from dying, but she rarely does because it’s not allowed. She’s a painter though, but because of her color blindness she can’t see colors (du) so she’s a very surrealist painter. Though funness though is that her paintbrush can turn into her weapon of choice, the scythe there.

So yes, that’s me if I were in Percy Jackson-land. I much prefer Norse mythology though, but I rather like this ^^

Base: [link]
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