Phlegethon Fisher Picture

Another Yu-Gi-Oh! card, from the same set as the Deepstyx Diver. The only obvious lady in the set, this is the fisherwoman of the Phlegethon River, one of the 5 rivers of the underworld. I fudged the background a little since most of it was thought up on the fly, but I decided to make the Phlegethon (which is apparently supposed to be a river of fire in classic mythology) a boiling river of sweltering heat (and summer fun!) rather than literal combustion. Since all these monsters are WATER, fire would clash with the image too much. Her badass fishing rod has to do with her effect, which lets you discard a monster (as bait) to destroy any monster your opponent controls. The balancing factor in all this is that she is an 8-star monster (necessary for getting one of the other monsters on the field) with only 100 ATK and DEF. Also felt like some mythology fun by not giving her a belly button.

Anyway, she was fun to draw, for obvious reasons. Enjoy!
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