Tartarus Picture

"Mister...is everything ok?"

Some appearances can be deceiving...

Tartarus is one of the primordial deities before the Olympians came into existence, making him one of the children of Chaos, who may or may not be female (I think that Chaos might be both...)

What is interesting about Tartarus is that he's both a deity and a place that is located deep in the Underworld, Hades' domain. I have a theory that Hades himself is meant to be the guardian of Tartarus, along with his wife, Cerberus, Charon, and so forth. And since Tartarus is one of the most powerful anthromophic personifications of the universe...it was best to keep him out of the wrong hands...

Since he's a deity in his own right, there's a possibility that he can shape-shift as well.

Tartarus (c) Greco-Roman mythology
design (c)
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