End of Winter Picture

End of Winter

When the end of my season with you comes to a close, I simply smile and watch you go.
Inside I fight to keep you by my side.

As the years go by and every winter you spend with me, my love grows.

I dont know how much longer I can keep on watching you.
But I know that the day might come where you are to departe and I will refuse to let you leave.

Until that day, my love, I will stand back and let you do as you please.

This was all inspired by my favorite mythology story of how Hades got Persephone then the arangment with Dementer and Hades.

If you read it then you know how Hades, even though he could have demanded for Phersephone to stay he did not. Instead he smiled and let her go with Hermes.

Yes, this is definatly my favorite paring in Greek mythology.

"The third season only she must spend with her dark-haired husband in his dismal kingdom."
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