Demeter Picture


that’s how many of these greek myths ive illustrated.

9 is a big number. And its only 3 away from 12, which is all I need to finish my AP portfolio.

If you were me you’d be a lot more excited about this xD

But anyway, for my next greek myth I did it of Demeter, why? Cause I didn’t really have any better ideas and this seemed easy since I don’t have a lot of time :/

So Demeters story is pretty straight forward, after Hades abducted her daughter Persephone, she became very sad and wouldn’t let anything grow. Yeup.

Not entirely happy with how this came out, the background is very ‘meh’ and Demeters clothes could be a little more exciting, BUT I ALREADY SAID I DIDN’T HAVE A LOT OF IDEAS.

trees used from [link]
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