The party's over! Picture

More mythology stuff~ It's been a while after the Näkki pic~

Sooo the last Saturday was All Souls' Day, aka kekri, aka All Saints' Day, aka Halloween-of-some-sort. I got some booze, and time to hold a draw-a-kekri-themed-pic-marathon. After small break I finally finished it 6 days later :~D

Tuoni, the Master of Death.
Apparently there’s two characters taking care of the afterlife, according to national epic Kalevala - Tuoni and Surma.
Tuoni is like Hades, a deity who collects deads’ souls and takes care of them and Tuonela, the cold and silent Underworld in the North.
Then there’s Surma (‘Slay’), a violent gore deity, who a)kills people in a very bloody manner b)guards the gates of Tuonela.

Since kekri was the All Souls’ day, I wanted to draw something less bloody, less hell-ish stuff, so why not Tuoni, collecting missing, partying souls with his name scroll the next day~

I hate his face, so I'll redraw it more masculine way... Not anything like this cherry boy~!
...And you know guys, the more I have drawing breaks like this, more I hate the style and skills I've been developing . It's getting too 3D-ish and sticky-stick characters~

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