Merry Christmas Picture


what's this?! something non-zelda?! no, better yet, something original?! and he's not even an elf! what is this i don't even!? *shot*

soooo idk if any of you guys remember, but on my old account, i posted up bunches of pics of these OCs based on greek mythology figures. this one's hades (you can tell b/c of his hair and his river styx band shirts)
aaand as a greek god, he doesn't celebrate Christmas. too bad, that means he gets no presents. *shot* maybe persephone (who has been slightly redesigned! ^_^ ) will be a little more willing to have a little Christmas spirit.

hades (c) *chibi-child-kiki

Persephone by *chibi-child-kiki, Dec 24, 2010 in Digital Art > Drawings > Miscellaneous">
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