Grieving for Persephone Picture

Model: Connie P.
(Photo/hair/makeup/edits by me)

Please leave comments for my model, she works really hard during our shoots and all comments get passed on to her.

Super short version of the Greek mythology from which I drew the name: Demeter was the goddess of the harvest and basically controlled the flow of the seasons and Persephone was her daughter. Hades abducted her and Demeter searched endlessly for her - and in her pain, the flow of the seasons stopped, it became cold, and everything began to die. Basically she created winter. Some stuff happened and Persephone was returned to Demeter but was still bound to the Underworld and had to return there for a few months every year, hence Winter keeps happening.

I have been trying to edit this photo forever because it is one of my favorites from this shoot, but I have never been able to work the colors, the focus, everything right. I almost gave up and settled for less than what I wanted so many times and had to leave it and come back later a lot but I am very pleased with how it came out. It took Picmonkey, Photoshop, and more Picmonkey.

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