Chame Picture

Meet Chame. ...don't you just love him already?

If you are whatsoever familiar with Greek mythology, you'll know that some FUNKY stuff goes down. Well, one of Satsu ([link]) and Takai's ([link]) "missions," their victim cut open Satsu's stomach. She began to bleed very heavily, but because she is a spirit/demon wolf her wound was healed after ten minutes. But the blood started to bubble, and it drew together to form Chame. (thus why he doesn't really look like Takai) He wasn't a newborn pup either; he was "born" at about the age of 6 weeks, when normal wolf pups stop nursing. He had the most mischievous of looks on his face when Takai and Satsu first laid eyes on him, so they named him Chame. (Which means "Mischief" It is pronounced Chay-m)

Chame+design+art: Me
Lineart: ~CoffeeFuel
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