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Sailor Charon- Like in the greek/Roman mythology Charon was the one who guided the souls of the dead to Hades where they would then be placed in the respective places depending on whether or not they had been good or evil.
Sailor Charon guides the souls of the Sailor Senshi to their respective stars, where they then become new Senshi for a new planet or star, or they resume their old selves in the rebirth of their powers and guardianship over a planet or star.
Her weapon is a huge key, not the garnet orb, for it has no jewels adorning it, but a simple key, to which she will unlock the star for that soul so thy can become one as it was meant to be.
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Moon concept(c) Naoko Takeuchi
Sailor Charon (c) me
and the pic in the back i found online at [link]
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