Hold on Picture

This is a very important picture for me. It's not only my 200. Deviation here on Deviantart, it's also a picture that shows my inner heart and my phantasy, the protection of me and all my ideas. It showes Lethe and Ephourita, the two sides of me. Lethe on the left, Ephourita on the right.

In Greek mythology, Lethe (a-lethe-ia = "forgetfulness" or "concealment") is one river in Hades. Drinking from the river caused complete forgetfulness. The souls of the dead drinked from the river before being reincarnated, so they don't remember their past lives.

Ephourita (E-fou-rit = "deamon" or "the fallen one") was a angel which wanted to love, so she falled and become a "daemon" (a deamon with a heart). She wanted to destroy the world because she don't want to be alone in hell. But the good part in her catched her and hugs her, so she was free and could rest in peace.
Ephourita© is my own character, developed of a few mythologies and my own imagination.

What does the picture show now…? The good and the bad part? Not really, because it's only a neverending in and out. Loving, hating, younger, older, up and down, and so on. They rely on each other, they belong together. So am I. I need them both. And they're important for me and all of my decisions.

Thanks a lot for reading this. Thank you very very much.


I used a stock of Thanx a lot.


I'm a woman who has since 7 years a
mentor. I have to say, he doesn't know that he is one for me, because he is a singer in a band. How to tell him…? Without his songs, his Lyrics, all soul in his songs, I wouldn't stay here and write these words down. This picture is only for him. Thank you very very much.

I'm waiting for you
I know you're leaving
I still adore you
You never need me

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