Patron Deity Altar Picture

This is the working portion of my primary altar for my patron deity, Aidoneus. You'll notice the overall altar is primarily purple and black; that's because these are the two colors I associate with him.

Everything except the candle, candle holder, and mortar and pestle are handmade by artisans. I find handmade goods extremely appealing; I get to help support someone whose work inspires me, as well as receive something unique and well crafted. Here's what you're actually looking at, from left to right:

Altar Cloth

From Resonant Energies on Etsy; it's very soft, delicate, and beautiful, with citrine chips on the corners.

Black and Purple Bowl

This bowl is handcrafted ceramics by someone who goes to my school, and is used for both offerings (such as fresh flowers or foods), and scrying (a divination method of gazing into a reflective surface).

Athame (Knife and Sheath)

This knife is a beautiful original creation by lupagreenwolf. It's made out of water buffalo horn, deer bone, fox fur, and leather. I have yet to have a chance to use it.

This, along with the skull, are items I keep tucked away and hidden so as not to upset/freak out family who are squeamish.

Cast Glass Platform

This is the object sitting underneath the candle, but above the skull. It's a beautiful piece of cast glass, that was cast in sand. It reminds me of caves, which I tend to associate with my deity.


Just a purple taper candle in glass candle holder.


To the right of the candle is my dragon, which I purchased at a renaissance faire. He's the guardian of my altar when I'm away, plus he's just so darn cute!

Cast Fox Skull

No, the skull isn't real. It's actually a cast from a real skull, done in resin. The benefit of this over a real skull? It glows in the dark. It's on my altar as a reminder of death and mortality.


This is a pendulum created by the wonderful azhuresjewels. I use it for basic divination related to workings dealing with my deity.

Candle Snuffer

You can't really see it; it's the bronze stick going at a diagonal from the dragon, pretty basic.

Mortar and Pestle

Way in the back is my mortar and pestle, which is used for grinding and mixing herbs. I'm not sure what kind of stone this is (marble?) so if anyone knows, I'd be super appreciative if you told me!
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