Hel Picture

Well, when my drawing teacher said we were going to be doing a self portrait I nearly threw a pencil at him in retaliation.

But then I had this idea, to make myself the Goddess Hel instead! =^^=

Hel is the Norse goddess of the dead, ruler of the nine worlds of the Land of Mist, Niflheim or Niflhel, located in the far north-- a cold, damp place that is home to frost giants and dwarves.
In appearance She is said to be a fearsome sight: She is described as being piebald, with a face half-human and half blank, or more usually, half alive and half dead. It is told that when She was born, disease first came into the world. She was said to sweep through towns and cities bringing plague: if she used a rake, some would survive; if a broom, none would.

It was unbelievably fun, and it looks nothing like me!
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