Yule Altar 2007- Centerpiece Picture

This is the centerpiece I made for my first Yule altar. It is a dried grapevine wreath with cuttings of evergreen and holly wrapped around the outside. I have attached painted wooden candle holders to the top of the wreath with white candles.
-This is an element borrowed from Scandinavian Yuletide practices. If you're interested look up festivity practices for St. Lucias Day.

I have the pomegranite and the apple alongside the glass platform the wreath is sitting upon. The Apple is the fruit of death and rebirth and the pomegranite is the fruit of life and death.
-The pomegranite is an element borrowed from Greek mythology, Persephone eating a couple of seeds from the fruit and so being imprisoned in the Underworld by Hades for half of the Year while her mother mourns her loss -causing Winter.

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