Tantalus Picture

The AWE trailer did this to me. 8D Barbossa is secks incarnate. To this day, I cannot watch the ending scene of DMC without squeeing. I've tried, I can't do it. XD

Oh, and for those who don't know (losers... XD), Tantalus is the dude from Greek Mythology who was forced to spend eternity (in Hades, I think?) swimming in a pool of water with a tree full of fruit overhanging him, but every time he tries to reach the tree, it pulls back, and every time he tries to drink the water, it recedes. Sucks ass, doesn't it? XD Barbossa is a lot like him, what with the curse an' all. <3

But argh, I hate perspective. XP His hands suck. A lot. I need to start using references more. XP

Heh, not sure if I should mark this as MC or not... I mean, you don't see anything important, really. ;D
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