Narcissus Picture

Another 1 AM submission. Geez. Anyways, my take on the backstory behind the flower that caused Persephone's abduction....featuring our two most...different in being TD castmembers! ...I frankly thought it would have been sweet if Hades gave Seph the flower as a form of contact with him. ._.

Symbolism and all that within picture:
1) The Narcissus is white to symbolize the purity of Seph (before Hades taints her to the dark side! /crucio'd/)
2)...You see where I etched in "Duncan" and "Courtney," right? ...Well, if you read it down diagonally, there so conveniently happens to be a "X" between those names. ...Hurr. How coincidential. (I seriously did not notice the "DuncanXCourtney" until I was almost done with the pic
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