Tonatzin Summoning The RainGod Picture

This third Goddess is popular in the Mayan belief, Her name is Tonatzin.
In Aztec mythology, Tonantzin is a considered Mother Earth

Her cult is ancient and as a goddess of fertility of the earth she was also regarded as a goddess of human fertility. Associated with the number 7, and was known as the Seven Serpent.Thought of as being a twin-sister to the god of rain, Tlaloc.
Also refered to as Chicomexochitl, or Chalchiuhcihuatl, meaning Seven flowers or "Woman of Precious Stone", and worshipped during the moveable feast called Xochilhuitl.

Here I used the 7 most deadliest snakes in the world
the: Fierce Snake or Inland Taipan(Oxyuranus microlepidotus), Common Brown Snake(Pseudonaja textilis ), Tiger Snake(Notechis scutatus), Saw Scaled Viper(Echis carinatus), Boomslang (Dispholidus typus), Malayan or Blue Krait(Bungarus candidus) ,and Death Adder(Acanthopis antarcticus)

"Tonatzin Summoning the Rain God"

Alone she walks through empty temples with seven serpentine shadows,
Through fiery skies and across infertile grounds that are drunk with blood,
Awaits the night, as her serpents hiss and her crystals gleam through the dark descending,
Her yearning burst to flame, yelling out his name...

"Tlaloc! let this stained land be washed,
Ruined paradise, the saints are bewildered!
Let the rivers flow tonight!"
"Tlaloc! My brother! let their beliefs fall ablaze
Wasted sacrifice, the bloods of ancients
Forever reflected in the skies"...

Let it befall, that the goddess of earth and the god of rain
free the slaves... "My fire and your rain shall baptize their shallow graves...
Let it be done, that hades be drowned for it's greed and it's longing for death and the gifts of decay..."

"Tonatzin Summoning the Rain God"
WaterColor/Colored Pencil
Model: Jeana
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