Athena Final version Picture

Whew! This one took 4EVER! Well, now the outfits done at least and I can get to work on her enemy, who happens to be a female version of Hades (You know you'll like him better as a girl)

Hope you like it, cause it was a LOOOOONG time getting just right!

And in case your wondering she is walking on the air, not the water, she IS a goddess after all.

Edit: GAH! The shield hand is all messed up! Why can't we ever notice these things before its to late!!!!!

P.S. for those of you interested, Athena is a mixture of DAZ's Valkyrie and Svana cloths and is a Victoria 4 model. The spear and the shield are freebies, but I like to buy my tools because they come out nicely even when you fell like being a tad lazy.

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