Let Me Introduce Destiny Picture

Well, This is my character Destiny
I based my drawing on Ed Benes's Elektra (explains why she has a weapon like hers)

Her secret identity is Macaria, known to be a daughter of Hades and Persephone. But the sorceress part is my own idea.
She grew up in a world of sorceresses named Xhentavhiem (K-zhen-tah-vee-um)
*I have no basis for the name, just thought it would be cool
She was trained under the caring eye of Debonera. Actually she was kidnapped from her parents, Hades and Persephone and she grew up with the Xaireen (K-zhai-reen)
When she found out she was the daughter of the god of the underworld, she took refuge in a modern day city in another continent without her trainer knowing, Atlanta.

Her worse enemy: Kaznia

Her Powers:
~She grew up as a sorceress somewhere in greek mythology... so it means she has the ability of magic and sorcery
~She could create different weapons with her powers (again elektra's weapon)
~Her wings are created through magic so she could be able to fly (she could fly without wings but I prefer her to look like an angel or eagle perhaps...)
~She has a kind of sonic scream (again through her powers)
~She could come back to life shortly after she dies
~She trained herself to used self-defense and some kind of martial arts

Like I said earlier, I based this drawing from Ed Benes's Elektra...
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