this is my entry in Drachea Rannak's contest!

Name: Heides (hA-dec)
planet: Pluto
age: unknown (but probably about the same age as the original Pluto)
colors: blue, drown, silver, red
powers/attacks: Banishment, song of the dead/ deadly scream, seeds of death
likes: Pomegranates, dogs, being with friends
dislikes: being alone, thunderstorms, artificial flavors
About: Heides is the of the underworld. She often has lonely or lost spirits following her. She a quiet girl, but loves to be with her friends. Her pet is a dog named charon (sha-rOn) he is very protective of Heides.

explanation: I tried to really tie in a lot of the attributes of the Deity Pluto, the red of her hair is suppose to be the color of a pomegranate which was the fruit that trapped persephone in the underworld. there are six red jewels in her outfit (tiara, necklace, belt, & three in the staff) that represent the six pomegranate seeds that persephone ate. I tried to make her skirt look like the cloth that the Greek & Roman gods/goddesses would wear I also left most it white for the same reason, also her shoes & gloves have the "roman sandal" look to them. Her colors are blue & brown because that's what color the planet pluto is, silver or gray because that's the color of pluto's biggest moon Charon, & red to tie in the pomegranate. Her dog is also named after the moon, as well as being like the three headed dog that guards the underworld. Her staff has a key at the bottom which is the key to the underworld. The head of the staff is a trident with a representation of the planet & it's moons, it's also the gem on her bow. Her attacks are Banishment in which she plunges her enemies into oblivion, song of the dead or Deadly scream which is somewhat self explanatory, & seeds of death where she sends a shower of poisonous pomegranate seeds down on her enemies. Like tuxedo mask has his rose Sailor Pluto sometimes drops a coin at her enemies feet, as her tribute, so they can "pay there fair" into the underworld (it's part of the mythology)

(I sort of used an idea/thought for the head of the staff from magen-yeal's sailor pluto [link])
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