Nekromanteion Picture

This scene is also part of that longer story that I hope I'll be able to draw some day. It's from Nekromanteion (or Nekyomanteion, meaning "Oracle of Death"), a temple of necromancy devoted to Hades and Persephone. People came there to talk to the dead, since the site was believed to be connected to the Underworld.

For the background, I've used a photo from the ruins that might once have been Nekromanteion.
The woman dressed in black is a priestess and a necromancer. The older man is a philosopher with certain questions on his mind.

ps. Hades doesn't really approve of necromancy. He thinks it's highly disrespectful to use the dead in such ways. But he once agreed to it, since it also meant a little more offerings to him (and he usually doesn't get much of that).
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